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Mechanico Industries was founded in Jaipur, Rajasthan at the beginning of the Great Revolution in 1967 & promoted by Mr.Kimat Rai Jain , the prominent director of company.The company is established for the manufacturing and marketing of Agro Products. We believe in reaching higher, thinking bigger and making agro-products an integral part of your life. We use the highest quality steel & iron. The parts are cut and shaped one at a time by real people in our factory in Bais Godawn Industrial Estate, Jaipur. Each edger is assembled by hand to insure that the one you take home is the best you can buy. In the fifty years that Whipper-Clipper has been around, we have developed a reputation for durability throughout the India. Every edger we make is designed to last and full of quality features. Whether you are a homeowner, in-house groundskeeper, or professional landscape contractor, Machanico has the edger for you. In 1967, on the initiative of Mechanico Industries arises , historically known for its ancient cutting-art tradition, and starts as an artisan work-shop equipped for metal-processing and construction of tools and moulds, concentrating later on the manufacture of Agricultural, Horticultural, Mason Tools & Shovels. As years go by the factory grows and with it of course grow its needs. The machinery is modernized with advanced solutions in order to meet the ever growing special requirements of the market which rewards the company by increasing its sales. The secret of Mechanico Industries success lies in a well-balanced matching between most modern technology and traditional craftsmanship which characteristics are accuracy, care for the finishing of details and employment of skilled staff. To Mechanico Industries quality means: reliability, precision, resistance, esthetics, obtained also by the use of the best materials. For over than 40 years the products leave the warehouse to meet the hard reality of professional agriculture and gardening. We can proudly state that our price-policy connecting strictly quality and pricing is the strong point of Mechanico Industries . The philosophy of a company that guarantees you success at a price which is always a pleasant surprise. Search no longer for your pick-up or reached tools! We specialize in Agricultural, Horticultural & Mason tools, Shovels in all sizes The Mechanico Industries is a precision, quality-constructed, non-rusting Agricultural, Horticultural & Mason tool that's guaranteed and durable.


Mechanico Industries
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